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        Contact us

        We are here for you. If you cannot find the answer to your question, the solution to a problem or something completely different, you are of course more than welcome to contact us directly. If you have questions of a technical nature regarding features, settings or specific functions, please contact your local dealer or distributor who will be more than happy to help, or if necessary, escalate the case to our technical support team.

        To find your nearest dealer or distributor, please use the Dealer Locator function.


        Where to buy

        Find your nearest local dealer or buy online in the Hasselblad Store

        Find a dealer Hasselblad Store Brand Stores

        Demo Requests

        Fill in the Demo request form to be directed to the right Area Sales Manager.

        Request a demo

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        Sales & Marketing Europe, Middle East & Africa


        Sales & Marketing North & South America


        Hasselblad Digital Forum

        The Hasselblad Digital Forum is an independent web community, managed by Nick Tresidder. The content is created by a global network of users and as such, Victor Hasselblad AB has no control or influence over the forum’s content.

        We do, however, support the forum and the interaction between users.